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October 2022 Member

October MOTM BruceEngbrecht

October Member of the Month

Pearce would like to recognize the Bruce Engbrecht as our October Member of the Month!

Bruce has been a member of Pearce for over 15 years!!! Over 15 years ago he belonged to a different fitness club and when they went out of business he gave Pearce a try and has never left!

Bruce enjoys being a member of Pearce because, “it is being able to get out of the house, walk indoors and be with friendly people”.

Bruce walks the track 5 times per week! He enjoys walking the track and it helps him contain his weight.

In his spare time, Bruce watches lots of sports including the Chicago Cubs, which is his favorite MLB team. He also enjoys a good Hallmark movie.

His favorite quote is, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”, John F. Kennedy.

Bruce’s advice to other Pearce members is, “Be kind to others. Treat people with respect”. We agree with you, Bruce!

Thank you, the Bruce for choosing to be a Pearce member!