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Personal Trainers

amy kuhlman personal trainer
Amy Kuhlman
Fitness Coordinator

Amy Kuhlman, Fitness Coordinator, started her fitness career in corporate wellness teaching group exercise classes and personal training.  Amy’s goal is to help as many people reach their goals and teach them the skills necessary to sustain those goals long-term.  She believes fitness shouldn’t be something you do just to get fit, it’s good for your mind, body, and soul.  

Amy’s passion is teaching strength training to others. She believes fitness is more fun with a friend.  So, grab a partner and jump in with two feet, you won’t regret it.

Autumn Henderson personal trainer Headshot
Autumn Henderson
Personal Trainer

Autumn is a certified personal trainer who trains clients one-on-one and teaches small-group specialty fitness classes.

Fitness became Autumn’s passion in 2022 when she made it her mission to be as knowledgeable as possible on all things within the field. She then realized she had a strong urge to help and encourage people, especially women, who may be new to fitness or intimidated by the gym.

Her biggest hobby and the one she enjoys the most will always be working out and encouraging other people to move!

Personal Trainer Sarah Ramsey
Sarah Ramsey
Personal Trainer

Sarah Ramsey has been instructing a variety of group fitness classes for over six years and has 2 years of personal training experience.

She has an A.C.E. certification in Personal Training. In both of her roles, Sarah says she hopes to help more people meet or exceed their health and fitness goals in sustainable ways aimed at long-term health and happiness.

Sarah specializes in hands-on assisted stretch, allowing her to help clients develop flexibility and prevent and recover from injury.

Trainer Megan Rupiper
Megan Rupiper
Personal Trainer

Megan Rupiper leverages her education and background to deliver training plans tailored to her clients’ unique fitness and medical needs.

With a Master’s degree in Exercise Science, Megan specializes in post-rehabilitation exercise, working with many clients who have undergone knee and hip replacement.

Her vast experience also includes personal training services to clients in La Jolla, California, and course design work in Anatomy and Nutrition at the National Personal Training Institute in North Carolina.

Trainer Sarah Wilson
Sarah Wilson
Personal Trainer

Sarah Wilson started her fitness journey by getting her Personal Training degree from Illinois Central College.

She wanted to help others achieve complete health (mind, body & soul).  This led to Sarah’s next journey, completing her 200-hour Yoga certification in 2022.  In addition, Sarah is a certified Group Exercise Instructor through A.C.E.

She loves that deeper connection within yourself while allowing you to be in tune with your own body and feelings.  Sarah believes fitness should be fun, so she approaches every session with a happy attitude.

Trainer Stephanie Wolfe
Stephanie Wolfe
Personal Trainer

Stephanie Wolfe has worked in the fitness industry for over ten years.  She started her journey as a Les Mills group exercise instructor.

Over the years, she added many other formats to her practice.  As the next step in her fitness career, Stephanie decided to add Personal Training to her list of many certifications, which include: Les Mills, Silver Sneakers, TRX and Bootcamp.

She is a certified Personal Trainer through S.C.W. Fitness.  Her goal is to help people of all ages and ability levels achieve their personal goals.