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January 2021 Member

January 2021 Member

Pearce Celebrates Lana Davis as our January Member of the Month!

Lana has been a member at Pearce for over almost 20 years. In 2001, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, then a few years later, had a heart stent placed. These events led to her joining Pearce with her husband, who was already a member at the time.

Over the years, Lana has become a staple in our pool area where she works out nearly daily. Lana was recommended as Member of the Month by fellow swimmers who noted that her work ethic is inspiring to all who regularly use the pool. That supportive environment is a big part of what Lana appreciates most about Pearce.

“Exercising when obese can be a challenging and sometimes humiliating experience, especially in a bathing suit. Members here at Pearce have been helpful, accepting, and non-judgmental. I have felt like I can exercise in an atmosphere that makes me want to return and be comfortable.”

Lana mentioned that she loves socializing with fellow swimmers, discussing what’s new in each of their lives. She stated that Pearce has improved her health and her heart. “My doctor says I have the heart and lungs of a teenager! 😉

Outside of Pearce, Lana enjoys reading, cooking, planting flowers, and going to lunch and movies with her friends. Her and her husband like to travel around the country, and are fond of back roads and bird-watching. Lana is a retired social worker who spent 30 years in child welfare!

Lana’s favorite quote is one that her mother used to remind her of as a child, “If you can’t say something nice about somebody, don’t say anything!”

Her advice to fellow members is to stay positive and look for the best in people.
Thank you, Lana, for your positivity, inspiration, and dedication to your health!