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February 2021 Member

MOM Feb Kira Furkin

Pearce Celebrates Kira Furkin as our February Member of the Month!

As an adolescent psychiatric nurse, Kira strongly believes in staying physically fit to help both her mental and physical health. Kira joined Pearce in 1996 with her family at that time she was in Junior High School! So naturally when she moved back to Chillicothe 8 years ago Pearce was her first choice for a gym membership.

Kira loves the variety of classes offered, the community feels, and the proximity of Pearce. Additionally, she stated that “They offer a variety of hours too, so you can go to the gym at 5 am or 8 pm! Whatever works for your schedule!”

Kira is a regular group fitness class participant. Her favorite classes are our Les Mills classes including BodyPump, BodyAttack, and RPM. She also loves TRX.

Right now Kira is in her last semester of graduate school to get her psychiatric advanced practice nursing degree. This leaves her with little free time but when not studying and working out at Pearce she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughters. As a family, they love to go hiking, watch movies and play games.

Kira’s advice to other Pearce members is, “Just keep showing up, eventually you’ll look forward to it and feel weird not going!”

Congratulations, Kira! Thank you for being a Pearce member!