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December 2020 Employee

December 2020 Employee of the Month

Pearce would like to recognize Sarah Ramsey as our December Employee of the Month!

Sarah began at Pearce in 2018 as a substitute instructor for dance and yoga-style classes, and now she’s part of our staff as both a Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer.

“When I first came to Pearce and saw how many unique, custom-style classes are embraced, I was impressed. It was so different from all of the brand-name, big-box gym classes I had seen. I felt like this could be a place that my own unique style of instruction could blossom.”

As an instructor, Sarah says she enjoys getting to know each member individually and in the social settings of group classes. She appreciates members who aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves in the process of learning something new, and loves when class attendees provide feedback, allowing the group to open up and discuss areas where they are struggling.

“When people are comfortable, feel good connections, and converse, we have more celebrations and accomplishments along the way!”

Each day, Sarah says she hopes to bring supportive and encouraging energy to Pearce. “When it comes to the fitness environment, I think it’s important for people to have some fun and tap into an inner-child that looks at movement more like play and less like work … If we see our gym activities as play, or adventure, it feels less like a chore!”

Sarah has noted that while she began her fitness journey for physical results as many do, the mental and emotional results have helped her grow exponentially as a person.

“As I started to make a sustainable habit of my fitness, I started to take notice of how it affected me mentally and emotionally … It was a situation of working on one aspect of my life and having other things fall into a better place. When I work with clients and students, I’m not just thinking about their body mechanics, I’m thinking about how our activities might affect their mental or emotional state as well.”

Sarah has several quotes that inspire her. A few include: “Grateful not greed;” “Fail to plan, plan to fail;” and “We only have so many given hours in a day.”

Three words that have been used to describe her are: Ambitious, Tenacious, and Challenging.

Thank you, Sarah, for your hard work and dedication!