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August 2022 Member

August MOTM Holeman Family

Pearce would like to recognize the Holeman Family as our August Members of the Month!

The Holeman Family (Jim, Anh, Robert and Kim) has been members of Pearce since 2000! Jim and Anh are both Engineers at Caterpillar, Robert is a Junior at Iowa State studying Computer Engineering and Kim will be an 8th grader at CEC.

The Holemans believe in living a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. They joined Pearce to help with the fitness part of that healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. They state, “Pearce is very convenient. It has an excellent variety of exercise options”. Anh says, “I would like to enjoy a long active retirement and Pearce helps with that goal”.

Jim, Anh, Robert and Kim have participated in many of the programs Pearce has to offer. Both Robert and Kim participated in the Before & After School program along with Day Camps and Summer Camp. They have taken many of our group exercise classes and Robert and Kim have participated in the youth basketball, youth soccer and Tai Kwon Do programs.

In their spare time, they enjoy woodworking, fishing and gardening. They all are car enthusiasts and enjoy supporting the FIRST Robotics program for high schoolers.

An inspirational thought they live by is A body at rest tends to stay at rest, a body in motion tends to stay in motion.

Advice the Holemans would give to other members of Pearce is Consistency. Take advantage of what Pearce has to offer and get in there a time or two each week!

Thank you, the Holeman Family for choosing to be Pearce members!