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November 2021 Member

MOTM Nov21 Verna Storm

Verna Storm – Member of the Month

Pearce would like to recognize Verna Storm as our November Member of the Month!

Verna has been an active member since July 2020. Prior to that when her kids were young she had a family membership and coached our youth basketball, volleyball, and soccer leagues!

After retiring from the IT department at Caterpillar, Verna rejoined Pearce in search of fun ways to exercise. And she found just that! Yoga is her favorite class but she also enjoys TRX and all our Step N Tone classes. In addition to the physical benefits of her membership, Verna also enjoys the social benefits! “I really enjoy all the friendly people in my exercise classes and around Pearce,” states Verna.

When asked what advice she would like to pass on to other members Verna states, “Yoga is the best thing I have found to help my body aches and pains. So I think everyone should try it out to see if it can help them too!”

In her free time, Verna enjoys hiking, gardening, working on crochet projects, and playing with her lovable 75 pound Akita mix dog named, Chase.

Thank you, Verna, for choosing to be a Pearce Member!