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May 2023 Employee

May 2023 EOTM LJ Allison

May Employee of the Month

Pearce would like to recognize LJ Allison as our May Employee of the Month!

LJ has been working at Pearce for about 10 months as a Camp Counselor in our After School program as well as our Summer Camp program.

Before Pearce, LJ had a few babysitting jobs and knew he wanted to work with school aged kiddos. He heard from friends that working at Pearce was fun and working with the kiddos was rewarding; so, he applied!

When LJ is not working at Pearce, he enjoys playing video games, watching tv, watching movies (his favorite is Meet the Robinsons), and hanging out with friends.

LJ and his family love animals and have many pets: 1-year-old turtle – Alfonso, 2-year-old cat – Simba, 4-year-old bird – Sunshine, 6-year-old dog – Roxie, and 8-year-old cat – Lilo.

LJ quotes William Shakespeare as one of his favorite quotes, “Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them”.

LJ says, “Working in Summer Camp is my favorite program. I hope to make the campers/kiddos laugh and have a great day while at Pearce”.

LJ is a middle child and describes himself as funny, smart and nice.

Thank you, LJ, for choosing to be a part of our Pearce family!