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March 2023 Member

March MOTM Jason White

Pearce would like to recognize Jason White as our March Member of the Month!

Jason has been a member of Pearce for 15 years! He joined Pearce in 2008 because he wanted a local place to go to keep in shape.

Jason enjoys Pearce because of its size, a lot of different workout options and everyone from the staff to other members are nice to be around.

Jason uses multiple areas of the Center, including the pool, weight room, cardio room and gym. Jason says, “I enjoy all of the areas of Pearce, but I enjoy the pickup basketball games the most”.

Jason is an Engineer at Caterpillar however, in his free time he enjoys photography (including sports photography at IVC), reading, video games, watching tv and flying.

An inspirational quote that Jason loves is based on his love of the team aspect of basketball and a quote from Coach K, “You develop a team to achieve what one person cannot accomplish alone. All of us alone are weaker, by far than if all of us are together”.

Advice Jason would give to other Pearce members is, “Pearce is a true gem, especially for a community this size. It has a wonderful atmosphere for all age groups and something for everyone. So, use it to the fullest extent. We need to make sure it’s around for future generations”.

Thank you, Jason for choosing to be a Pearce member!