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January 2022 Employee

Jan 2022 EOTM Victor Schwiderski

Pearce would like to recognize Pody Goines as our January Member of the Month!

Pody has been a member of Pearce since her teenage kids were little! She chose to join Pearce because it was a great place to come as a family and burn some energy off. Pody and her family enjoyed shooting baskets in the gym and swimming in the pool. Her kids participated in all of the youth sports leagues including basketball, soccer, and volleyball. She coached basketball and volleyball for several years.

Pody enjoys the fitness classes that are offered and all of the fitness equipment we have to provide a dynamic workout. Pody says, “The classes are challenging and I have met a lot of great people here. Everyone is friendly and encouraging”.

When not at Pearce you can find Pody at South School leading and educating our youth as a 2nd-grade teacher. A favorite quote of hers is, “If it matters to you, you’ll find a way” – Charlie Gilkey

When asked what advice she would pass on to other members Pody states, “Reach out to other members and invite them to go to a fitness class with you. I met my best friend at Pearce 12 years ago and we still meet at Pearce to work out together!”

Thank you, Pody for choosing to be a Pearce member!