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January 2024 Member

Pearce January 24 MOTM Logan Van Ostrand

Pearce would like to recognize Logan Van Ostrand as our January Member of the Month!

Logan has been a member of Pearce for over 10 years! Logan says, “I joined Pearce because I wanted to be in better shape and have a healthier lifestyle.”

Logan is an EMT and AMT and a Volunteer Chillicothe Firefighter. It is important in his career field to stay fit and healthy. He says, “Pearce allows me to be in the best physical shape possible to best serve my community and my patients in the ambulance.” Thank you for your service, Logan!

Logan chooses Pearce over other fitness facilities because, “It’s like family here! Staff and other members want to see you grow and succeed”.

Logan utilizes the Weight Room, Strong Room and enjoys the Yoga classes. He also points out that, “they do a great job at teaching young kids how to safely lift weights and use the equipment”.

In his free time, he enjoys weight training, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and downhill longboarding.

A favorite inspirational thought is, “The ticket to victory often comes down to – bringing your very best when you feel your worst”.

Advice Logan would give other members would be, “Goals are reached by taking baby steps. It gets overwhelming to take big leaps. Just focus on being a little better than yesterday and you will start seeing gradual improvement”.

Thank you, Logan for choosing to be a Pearce member!