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September 2023 Employee

September EOTM Emily Dutton

Pearce would like to recognize Emily Dutton as our September Employee of the Month!

Emily has been working at Pearce for 16 years in our Aquatics Department! Emily says, “I wanted to join Pearce because I had a Bachelor’s Degree from Western Illinois University in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Administration, so I had experience in working with children and then organizing youth activities. Plus, I love being in and around the water. When I came on board to Pearce, I was the Aquatics Coordinator supervising the Lifeguards and Swim Lessons.

Emily is passionate about aquatics. Emily states, “Ihope to bring the joy of swimming & to educate people about water safety to all the children/families I work with! I have always loved being able to swim and want to share that skill with everyone I meet.

Emily enjoys being at Pearce because of the members, families and staff. Emily says, “I have so many “regulars” that I chat with in the pool area as they come for their weekly work outs. We have grown together after doing this for 16 years”!

When Emily is not at Pearce or Just Kidz Dentistry (Emily works in the Marketing department) she enjoys being outside, traveling, & spending time with my family. I also enjoy art; painting, crafting, anything really that allows me to be creative.

A quote Emily lives by is “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

A fun fact about Emily is during her college internship she led open water kayak tours in the Florida Keys at Haws Cay Resort & Marina.

Thank you, Emily, for choosing to be a part of our Pearce family!