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October 2020 Member

October Member of the Month

Pearce Celebrates Caleb Magee as our October Member of the Month!
Caleb is a Chillicothe native, and grew up coming to Pearce on his family’s membership throughout grade school, junior high, and high school. Over the years, Caleb has utilized the gymnasiums, youth and adult basketball leagues, weight room, cardio room, and Pearce Strong room.
Ever since the facility reopened in June, Caleb has been an early-morning regular in our weight room. Exercising his Foundation Membership guest privileges, Caleb brings in his friend and co-worker, John, 5-6 days per week to work out before they head into work at Steam Green, where Caleb is a Crew Lead.
Caleb says he enjoys Pearce’s services available and convenient for him to use. He mentioned that he looks forward to chatting with the friendly staff and fellow members that also utilize the weight room in the morning. He credits Pearce not just for his physical well-being, but also for much of his mental and spiritual health.
Outside of Pearce and work, Caleb stays busy as a full-time father. He and his 2-year-old son, Rykin, love to play catch and play with toy trucks. At night, Rykin helps his dad stretch and do his core work outs at home.
One of his favorite quotes is simple, but effective and true: “Attitude determines altitude.”
He encourages his fellow members to stay patient with themselves as they set goals and navigate their fitness journey, stating, “It’s okay to miss a day, as long as you get back on track.”
Thank you, Caleb, for your dedication to your health, positivity, and support!