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July 2023 Employee

July EOTM Josh Diehl

July Employee of the Month

Pearce would like to recognize Josh Diehl as our July Employee of the Month!

Josh has been working at Pearce for one year as our Building Services Manager. However, he’s been a Member of Pearce since he was a teenager!

Josh has been involved in many different types of remodeling and construction over the past twenty-plus years. Josh has been working at Northwoods Community Church as their Facilities Manager for the last ten years. Josh says, “My passion for Pearce and my experience from Northwoods is why this position was a perfect fit for me”!

Josh loves the outdoors! When he’s not at Pearce or Northwoods, you’ll find him boating, camping, hiking, fishing, four-wheeling, etc…

Josh and his family love animals! They have four dogs:

Sugar – Boxer
Lucy – Hound Mix
Layla – Goldendoodle
Maggie – Shitzu (puppy)

He can’t forget his cat, Lola, which all dogs are scared of! LOL

Josh has many inspirational quotes that he lives by, but his favorite is:

1 Corinthians 3:23 – “Whatever you do, work at it as if you are working for the Lord, not for man.”

Josh says, “I truly enjoy being a part of the building improvements and being a part of maintaining the building and the indoor pool. What I love the most is the interaction with the members and staff. There are some really great people that come to (and work at) Pearce”!

Josh can be described as outgoing, funny and friendly. Josh hopes he brings a smile, a touch of sarcasm, a positive attitude and a clean and safe environment to Pearce!

Thank you, Josh, for choosing to be a part of our Pearce family!